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Congratulations to the spring 2022 USI Engineering graduates that completed their Senior Design Project Reports that are now in the Projects Collection.

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  • Better by Design: Making Meetings More Productive

    Hostetler, Marna
    All libraries have meetings, but not all meetings are productive. Unproductive meetings are viewed as a waste of time, resulting in low morale and lack of progress on organizational goals. But meetings are crucial to setting goals, formulating policies, removing barriers, and completing projects. Since meetings are a necessity, how can we make them better? I am the library director at a regional comprehensive public university, and I recently completed a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resources. One of the management courses I took covered the topic of meetings, including reading the book Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable…about Solving the Most Painful Problems in Business by Patrick Lencioni. Given the importance of meetings – and their well-known challenges—the knowledge gained in this course inspired me to reconfigure my library’s meeting structure.
  • Design and Implementation of an Automatic Let-Down System for an Archery Draw Board

    Harris, Ross
    The objective of this project was to design, test, and implement an improved archery draw board system. An archery draw board is a device that allows the user to draw and analyze characteristics of a compound bow. The bow is placed in the device and a winch mechanism is used to draw the bow string for analysis of bow parameters such as cam alignment, cam timing, and draw weight. Analysis of these parameters can allow the user to tune the performance of the bow. A new feature, the Automatic Let-Down System, was designed, tested, and implemented to achieve this goal. The design objectives for the Automatic Let-Down System were to improve the ease of use, speed, and safety of the draw board. The system allows the bow string to safely come to rest from full draw at a reduced speed without manipulation by the user. This improves upon current draw board designs that require the user to manually turn the handle of the winch to return the bow to a state of rest. The device was successfully designed, implemented, and tested with the design objectives in mind.
  • Vision Guided Robotic Work Cell

    Cullison, Jesse; Chandler, Blake
    Vision Guided Work Cell which utilizes a vision system, and Kawasaki Robot
  • Rapid Prototyping with Robotic Milling

    Ramsey, Jacob; Sherman, Kaylee

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