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  • Berry Global: Automated Cup Storage System

    Hoff, Micah
    With labor shortages being a major issue throughout the nation via the impacts of COIVD, increasing the levels of automation in a manufacturing environment is essential to compensate for when such shortages occur. Industries that make products that call for high volumes of production in short periods of time can’t afford lengthy shutdowns since even short shutdowns can quickly lead to a high accumulative opportunity cost. Whether these shutdowns are due to labor shortages and/or require a relocation of valuable labor to deal with the shutdown, it would be best to avoid idle time as much as possible. Berry Global, a large international manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products, is also attempting to find ways to free up labor on the production floor of their facilities via finding areas where manual labor can be replaced with automation. This will allow for floor workers to be relocated to other areas in need. Considering this, the Process Innovation Department has proposed the installation of a carousel-based storage system along two of its conveyors/pneumatic tube lines, with these lines transporting newly formed polypropylene cups from the thermoformer to the label printers. With the printers having frequent shutdowns for maintenance, repairs, or reloading ink, this vertical carousel will be able to recognize when said printers shutdown and be able to remove the cups, store, and reload cups directly back onto the conveyor when the printers restart and continue normal operation. This automated storage system will be able to replace the currently used system, which requires extensive labor, equipment usage, and warehouse storage space.
  • Design of a Compliant Variable Camber Mechanism for Airfoils using Pseudo-Rigid Body Analysis

    Hamilton, Grant; Morris, Tristan
    Slat and flap mechanisms on modern aircraft are used to control the camber of an airfoil to improve flight efficiency in various flight conditions. Implementation of these systems is often hindered by their size, complexity, and cost. In this report the design of a compliant mechanism to enable a variable camber of an airfoil is discussed as an alternative solution. The design is carried out by creating a four-bar linkage for both the leading and trailing edges of an airfoil with the movement desired for morphing. The pseudo-rigid body model is then used to create a set of compliant flexures with the same behavior as this linkage. The method of manufacturing a prototype of the design was chosen to be additive manufacturing with an elastically deformable thermoplastic, polypropylene, for the morphing mechanism and Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) for the rigid region. Such a design can decrease the complexity of subsystems involved for morphing behavior. This can open paths of integration into aircraft that are not currently capable of housing such a system.
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System

    Clevidence, Gregory; Faith, Joseph
    The purpose of this project was to build a tabletop Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) demonstrator. These systems can have a huge impact on the time that a process takes from start to completion in industry. Engineering students, particularly in the fields of Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering Technology, need to be able to analyze an AS/RS. To demonstrate the operation of an AS/RS and allow students to analyze its performance and timing, a tabletop automated storage and retrieval system was needed. The objective for this project was to design and construct a functional AS/RS to be used in a classroom laboratory. Some of the requirements of the system are as follows, an interface so an operator can interact with the system, a system timer to monitor operation time when performing different operations, and selectable modes of operation. The demonstrator was designed to be capable of doing singular storage and retrieval commands, as well as doing dual command operations, and was also sized to fit on a tabletop.
  • Skidless Profilometer- Camshaft Surface Finish JET

    Perez Neri, Uriel
    A profilometer is a key component of a new process aimed at measuring waviness, which is a critical aspect to the surface finish after the cam grinding process. Jasper Engines and Transmissions (JET) improved its camshaft grinding process and reduced warranties significantly. JET is now able to measure camshaft surface finish using a Zeiss Touch 50 profilometer to provide customers with the best quality product.
  • Fluid-Bed Coffee Roaster

    Allen, Leyton; Miller, Blake; Geier, Derick
    Coffee beans are a crucial part of many people’s mornings, and the coffee market is a multibillion-dollar industry contributing to many countries’ economies around the world. They can be roasted and ground to then be used for the delicious coffee that some people love to drink every day. Coffee beans experience many physical and chemical changes during the roasting process to transform green coffee beans into the dark brown beans seen in stores and coffee shops. The Fluid-Bed Coffee Roaster design outlined in this report transfers heat to the coffee beans by means of convection to roast small batches of green coffee. The small batch size is crucial in the coffee industry to mitigate the investment costs. A sample sized roaster allows companies to initially taste a certain type of coffee before making the investment to buy large quantities. A small roaster of this size needed both a blower and heating element to suspend and roast the beans to the desired darkness. This roaster highlights design, control implementation and heat transfer which were all instilled at the University of Southern Indiana. The user-friendly design allows anyone to produce fresh, high-quality coffee.

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