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  • Data Set for "SME's and Supply Chain Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities"

    Foroughi, Abbas
    This document contains the data set for the author's article, "SME's and Supply Chain Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities." The data set includes the questions and responses to a survey implemented with companies in the Evansville surrounding area. The study examined the particular challenges facing SMEs in a specific geographic region as they begin to move toward digital transformation, with the goal of gaining insights that are useful for other SMEs and contribute to the body of knowledge about this topic. The study was guided by an update to the three-dimensional People, Processes, and Technology Framework for organizational change that includes strategy formulation. Results of the study point to the role of third-party financial and consulting support for SMEs seeking to undergo supply chain digital transformation; as well as the crucial role of digital transformation strategy formulation that specifies the roles of and impacts on people, processes, and technology. Strong support for employee skill upgrades in particular also stands out as a major outcome of this study, pointing to training as a “jump starter” for SME companies seeking to move forward with digital transformation, and implying the importance of a proactive role for outside entities like local universities, government agencies, or consultants who can provide training support.
  • Prevalence and Intensity of Occupational Stress Sources and Manifestations in Southwestern Indiana Teachers

    White, Erin
    Occupational stress for teachers has created an environment where the prevalence and intensity of teacher stress sources and manifestations of depression, anxiety, and burnout have become a focus in research. While researchers have oftentimes identified specific areas of concern, a gap exists in research where similar geographical regions and district groups are studied and analyzed together. Researchers from peer-reviewed journal articles have presented various sources of stress that exhibit themselves in internal or external forms. These stressors can cause physical, behavioral, and mental symptoms in educators. This research study used the Teacher Stress Inventory (TSI) and demographic survey to collect data from 183 teachers in Southwestern Indiana. This data was collected and analyzed to identify the total stress score, prevalent sources, manifestations, and correlations between demographics and the TSI results. The data revealed that only gender was a predictor of TSI total stress scores, prevalent stress sources, and manifestations. The data also identified higher than average prevalent stress sources from work-related stressors and time management, as well as higher than average manifestations in emotional and fatigue manifestations. The impact of this research should be used to help districts identify areas of stress to support teacher retention, reduce stress, and promote a healthy work environment in Southwestern Indiana educational leaders.

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