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  • Better Meetings by Design

    Hostetler, Marna
    All libraries have meetings, but not all meetings are productive. Unproductive meetings are viewed as a waste of time, resulting in low morale and a lack of progress toward organizational goals. As meetings are crucial to setting goals, formulating policies, removing barriers, and completing projects, how can they be more efficient? This session attempts to answer that question by providing a structure for improving morale and enhancing communication, leading to better results. It will also cover the concept of having different types of meetings for different goals. Too often, organizations use a “catch-all” approach to meetings, leaving no one satisfied and slowing progress toward agreed-upon goals. The ideas in this session were tested in an actual library, and the steps taken, feedback, and lessons learned are discussed. This organizational meeting restructure was based on the book "Death by Meeting" by Patrick Lencioni.