• The Discovered Benefits of Student-Produced Videos for Skill Evaluation in Online, Undergraduate Physical Assessment during Covid-19

      Barnard, Jamie; Freeman, Kelly
      Our BSN physical assessment course included student-produced videos before Covid-19 halted in-person instruction.  These videos were used for low-stakes, skill evaluations; however, we quickly employed this strategy to additionally evaluate high-stakes, complete head to toe assessments.  In the end, we recognized that a progressively building head to toe assessment, submitted via multiple videos, allowed students to receive on-going feedback and achieve a passing level of skill performance.  Furthermore, we recognized this approach could provide unique and complementary student learning opportunities when considering the merging of online evaluation videos and traditional, laboratory setting check-offs. Thus, as we move our course back to an in-person experience, our faculty is discussing how we can integrate online, video skill evaluation with in-person check-offs.  The benefits of this online approach will be shared and participants will have opportunities to consider how this strategy could enhance their own courses.