• What's on your radio station's mind? : how contemporary Christian music radio stations are using Facebook

      Bolin, Andew F.
      Radio stations in the United States continue to find new and unique ways to connect with listeners through the use of modem technology. Social Media websites like Facebook are cultivating new means of communicating with others. Through status updates, users can subscribe, follow, and even comment on the statuses of other individuals as well as various organizations that post up to the minute information that includes varying forms of content such as photos, videos, and blogs. Radio stations are finding ways to use social media as a tool to interact with their audiences and encourage increased listenership. Through content analysis, the researcher examines how one of the fastest growing radio formats, Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) radio uses Facebook to interact with listeners. The analysis produced seven unique categories in which CCM radio stations use Facebook: station promo, contest promo, event promo, local news, Bible verse, capital campaign, and general comment/question.