• Alternative voices : women in public spaces

      Machonisse, Tânia da Assunção
      Women worldwide face lack of opportunities to fight and demand basic human rights, such as education and freedom to choose their own path in life. Women from all over the world face substantial to enable them to succeed and follow their dreams. Women lack access to formal education, financial resources, and social value that would allow them to participate actively in the development of their communities and countries. The cultural and social roles attributed to women in many countries have an important connection to the process of formal education as well as socialization of these women. In this context, it is important to understand what women who have access to education think about themselves as role models to other women. This capstone project, in a format of a documentary video, was produced in order to give voice to young women who are exposed to international universities and are constructing education as a safe public space to express their sentiments regarding the opportunities that they have to fight for their dreams and future goals in their countries.