• Benefits of global simulation in second language acquisition, intercultural development, and French study abroad programs

      Grubb, Lance Michael
      Through this three-part qualitative analysis, I explore the structure and benefits of Global Simulation (GS) from scholars around the world, explore how GS contributes to the development of second language acquisition, and assess how the benefits of GS contribute to the development of intercultural competence through study abroad (SA) programs. GS is a pedagogical technique that promotes intercultural competence and second language acquisition while having the advantage of enhancing a learner's study abroad experience. In this research, I explore the structure of GS as it was designed by Debyser (1996) and Yaiche (1996) and present examples of GSs that other scholars in the field of foreign language teaching (FLT). I explore first-hand accounts on the pedagogy and implementation of GS as shared by instructors from the Universite de Caen, France, as well as class observations that I conducted in order to gain a better understanding of GS. Finally, I discuss why GS should be implemented in SA programs and further research that could be conducted on the subject.